Saturday, 9 April 2016

Valentine's day spanking

Here's something we meant to post a couple of months ago, before we got distracted with other things:

Some women get chocolates for Valentine's Day. Some women get flowers. Sophie got a long hard spanking.

Roses are red, Sophie is too...

This wasn't a romantic spanking, however. It was a punishment spanking. She broke a rule, and so she needed to be spanked.

If this sounds unromantic, it's because we're always very strict about what counts as an excuse. The problem with allowing exceptions for special days is that whenever the paddle is looming, almost any circumstance becomes conveniently exceptional. Therefore, to avoid excuse after excuse, our rule is "when in doubt, give a spanking". Steve was once even spanked on his birthday.

Yet more sore bottom statistics

Another quarter year is over, and that means it's time for... Yet another graph about how often we get spanked.

As you can see, 2016 has been a relatively sedate year so far, with only four spankings each.

Catching up...

We haven't updated the blog for a while, as we've both been very busy with other things. That said, we're still practising domestic discipline, and so our spanking implements have also been busy.

We'll try to keep the blog more active from now on.

Monday, 1 February 2016


We've talked about our checking in system in the past. This has kept us on track with domestic discipline, and is probably the reason why we've successfully kept at it for over two years, when previous attempts fizzled out.

Unfortunately, we've just been careless. Very careless. And we've just earned two spankings. Each.

Sophie is worse off than Steve, as her spanking from last time has yet to be given. Therefore, she has three spankings to come. Ouch.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

First spankings of 2016

2015 didn't start well for us, as we both earned a spanking on new years day. And it continued like that. By the end of January, Sophie had received three spankings, and Steve had received six.

2016, by contrast, has been much kinder to our bottoms. Until today, that is, when our run of good fortune ended, and we both earned a spanking.

Steve has just been given his spanking. Sophie has yet to receive hers, but we'll keep you updated.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Spanking desert

We haven't been spanked all year. Yes, it's only January, but we still haven't been spanked for well over a month.

Sophie shows off her fancy unspanked bottom

We're usually spanked as a result of carelessness. So are we starting to learn from our experiences? Or will 2016 see many more spankings?

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Why UK porn laws should worry everyone who spanks or gets spanked

Spanking is permitted in the UK, so long as it's forcibly inflicted on a child with the aim of causing them distress. Spanking between consenting adults is on far shakier legal ground. This is probably to do with "traditional values", or something like that. A year ago, a regulatory agency known as ATVOD sought to change this situation... by adding more restrictions to what consenting adults can do with their own bodies. (Hitting children is still fine.)

The new regulations ban online pornography depicting a range of practices including spanking and caning. They might "just" affect pornography, but they should worry anyone who chooses to make spanking part of their life. It doesn't even matter if the spankings you give or receive are totally non-sexual and used only for consensual discipline. The mentality that wants to prevent you watching spanking is the same mentality that wants to stop you participating in spanking.

Another issue is that the regulations are inherently misogynistic. They ban face-sitting (which usually amounts to a woman receiving oral sex) and female ejaculation (a type of female orgasm) but there's nothing at all specific to men. Once again, the underlying mentality is probably the desire to not just control what people can see, but to also control what they can do. Few things excite budding totalitarians more than telling women what they're allowed to do with their own bodies.

The new laws have already caused harm. One victim is Pandora Blake, who owned the Dreams of Spanking website. This was singled out for prosecution, despite other UK websites offering similar content. This may have been to get revenge on Blake for being a prominent critic of the laws. (People who have dealt with ATVOD have apparently found them to be petty and vindictive.) Given the misogyny of the new laws, it might also be because Blake is an outspoken feminist, and hence needs putting back in her "place". (Some may argue that ATVOD aren't aware of the content of these other sites, but given that they're supposed to be a regulatory body, it would make them particularly useless and incompetent, even by quango standards.)

Again, this isn't just a problem for porn producers, but for anyone who practices consensual spanking (and indeed anyone who cares about personal freedom and bodily autonomy). There is no clear legal distinction between domestic violence and consensual spanking (consent makes little difference in UK law) and the less respectable a legally ambiguous practice becomes, the more likely it is to be become illegal entirely. This doesn't necessarily mean new legislation, but the way in which existing laws are interpreted and enforced. In a bitter irony, this could make the police's already inadequate response to domestic violence even worse, as they divert meagre resources into picking off easy targets.

So what can be done about this? Leading the fight is Backlash UK, an organisation devoted to protecting personal freedom against "obscenity" laws. Support them in any way you can.